Saturday, August 13, 2011


Our family vacation went off without a hitch. AND I only had an "I'm camping and you are all pushing your limits with me" moment once. AND I was totally justified as they lured me into the car with thoughts of a day of Sylvan Lake enjoyment only to park, get out, and announce an 8 mile up-hill hike first!!!! UHUM---YES! that would be asking too much!

In fact, I was so well behaved, as we were packing and getting ready to head home my brother and sister-in-law mentioned how great it had been and stated, "You would do this again right?!?"

My reply, "SUUUUURE as long a very nice RV (Ruiner of Vacations as Mr. KIR calls them--complete with shower and potty) is being pulled behind our Expedition - which of course would be hauling bikes, canoe, and four wheelers of course!) And sure, I'll do it again:)

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