Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last night was the ever adventurous trick or treating.

Since having kids, this ritual (as well as Easter egg hunts, and carnival events) has always been an interesting phenomenon for me. See, when I was a kid we grabbed the biggest pillow case we could find, went out and  ran from house to house...RAN! We did not pay attention to when it ended...if your light was on, we were knocking. We only stopped when forced. Then we would head home with full bags to lay all the loot out, count, trade, and scarf at least half down right then and there. I remember one year my dad begging us not to go--something about being cold, him old, and tired. He promised he would buy us our favorite bags of candy the next day. Fool that I was, I totally refused knowing I could get more by going door to door. HA!

So my kids astound me. I anticipate and dream of all the candy they will get for me and am more excited to get them ready and to the designated neighborhood way more than they are.

Since we live in the middle of nowhere, we don't have a neighborhood of our own to trick or treat in, so we always borrow one for the night. This takes weeks of planning as I strategically scope out the "hoods" with the best candy giving rumors and then scour them for potential BFF's to walk with for the night. Last night was no exception.      Just kidding.      We usually just randomly choose a different place each year, and I go for broke. But this year,  Sweetums helped out tremendously! She and an adorable friend decided to be THING 1 and THING 2. And since we all know you can't trick or treat with half a costume, we tagged along in THING 2's neighborhood. To make it even better, it just so happened that THING 2's house was two houses away on the left to one of Little Man's BFF's  and two houses to the right of one of Pony Girl's. We met up with all the friends and their parents and I thought Fantastic! this will be the year they go and go and go--what with everyone having a buddy-no ones going to want to stop. We will have a blast! 

The night went just as I planned...except that only after 6 or so houses Little Man got tired and laid down spread eagle in some random persons yard-little safety light flashing, moans of death raging, and screams of severe leg pain screeching at full throttle. We quickly averted this tragedy by me carrying him. Phew... Nope, Pony Girl let me know about 30 minutes in that she was  cold, done, and wanted to go home to do homework...HOMEWORK? Seriously?

Sweetums lasted the longest 45 minutes. but that is not nearly long enough.  I was no where near done, their bags were not even half full. Come on people! I did what any good mother would do: I forced them to finish the ONE block we had started and then I pulled out the big guns and mentioned the house that gives away FULL SIZED CANDY BARS. Not a taker...NADA! Mr. KIR wasn't even a little bit on my side. He rolled his eyes at me, pulled out the car keys and grabbed Little Man's hand. The girls followed as they walked to the car. Wha?!?!?! I stood there trying to figure out how I could continue on my own...

When I finally came to my big girl senses and remembered that I HOLD THE CREDIT CARD and could buy left over/ half off Halloween candy tomorrow at all the local haunts, I gave in.

But when we got home, the phenomenon continued. Do you know what my kiddos did? As soon as we walked in the door, they dropped their bags on the counter and went to bed. BED...DID YOU HEAR ME? They did not even discuss the loot. They did not eat even one single piece. They did not count, look through, worry or show any concern for the contents of their bags. No worry about what I might eat, steal or scarf down.

Hey-wait a minute- maybe their weird aversion to all things candy and free isn't such a bad thing after all....

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Life with boys... said...

:D Next year we'll go as Thing 1 and Thing 2 or at least go buy some candy at the store!