Sunday, December 2, 2012

For Thanksgiving this year I copied a friends idea to get my kids to focus on gratitude. I put out a blank slate and lots of markers on one our tables:

 It filled up extremely fast and the whole family loved it! There were cute ones; friends, family, legos, electricity, our house, food, etc. But some of them made me laugh or shocked the bajebbas out of me:

We had a bonfire while it was out and unbeknownst to us many of our sweet friends and their kids even added to it. Such a great idea and we will be adding it to our family thanksgiving tradition!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Today Sweetums heard about a guy who drove an an ice cream truck and had kidnapped a child. According to Sweetums it must have been because he didn't have any kids but wanted one very badly.

(Mothers note here: wouldn't that be a nice thought if the REAL reason any ice cream guy kidnapped a child was because he just wanted children so desperately he kidnapped them to give them a good life...not that, that kind of kidnapping would be condoned either, but still a nicer thought...)

So as Sweetums tells Mr. KIR this, she loudly ends with, "That is so stupid! If you really want a kid you can just go buy one from an orphanage."

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweetums: "Mom, whenever I am using Pony Girls mirror to look at my prettiness, she gets mad at me for using it."

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pony Girl has been very lucky to have a great group of friends since first grade. One of the mommy's of the girls is an amazing photographer and has taken pictures of the girls every year since 2nd grade. This years pictures made me proud and also kind of sad. They are too beautiful, too grown up, too independent. They are all amazing and unique. Time goes so fast...too fast! In my mind and heart they are still so little, so innocent and young. I truly love them all!



One of the KIR kiddos lost a tooth yesterday. The lame-o tooth fairy that is assigned to our house did not come. Is it bad that I may have blamed the hurricane for said absence?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mr. KIR recently suggested McDonald's for dinner. The kiddos readily agreed. I respectfully declined. However, my little Sweetums just could not fathom that I really meant to actually miss the extraordinary meal, and I found this waiting for me the next morning for breakfast:
 She is ever our thoughtful one and always so giving! I love her so very much!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Man: "Mom, can you buy me an ipod for Christmas."
Me: "Hmmm we already have one, isn't that enough?"
Little Man: "No because my friend on the bus lost his and so I want to get another one so I can give it to him."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear kids,
Sometimes life is hard.Sometimes people you think are your friends turn out not to be. Sometimes even though your motives are pure, you may accidentally do something that changes the course of your journey. Sometimes saying your sorry isn't enough. Sometimes too much happens to ever go back. Sometimes you will feel sad, lonely, and as if it is all just too hard. But always, always, your Heavenly Father loves you and is aware of your feelings, needs and intents.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recently I came across some pictures of my youngest nephews baptism.

It was a wonderful event and I am glad we were able to be there. The priest asked his older brother to come stand in front of this podium:
to light the baptism candle. He did not want to do so.
After much persuasion, he reluctantly stood in place letting the priest, and all of us know exactly how he felt about his part in the service.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Man-isms

Buck sept = except

Whenever we see a police car or officer he says, "If you do something really bad, you are going to get: un-rested. (arrested)

Whenever we walk anywhere he says to me, "Don't step on a crack or you'll break your daddy's back...even though he's dead mom, you will...I promise."

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Man got to borrow his big sisters cell phone while at a friends house, because he was nervous about going over there for the first time. When I went to pick him up a few hours later, he was having a great time driving around the yard in a COOL mustang convertible doing this:
So Stinkin' cute!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

kid talk

We watched the Cubs vs Red Sox game this weekend. Nobody was hitting anything. They did not play well and lost. Little Man who is in his first year of  Rookie League said to me today as we talked about his last baseball game, "Mom, you should call the Cubs and have them come watch our team. They could really learn a lot from us."

True Little Man, true!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This summer has been CrAzY busy! Although the kids are having a great time. I feel as though I live in our non-luxurious car. UGH!

8:15 leave the house and drive into town to the high school. Drop off Pony Girl for tennis.
Leave immediately and drive back out past our house and on to the golf course. Drop off Sweetums for 9:00 am golf. Watch for 5 or so minutes. Turn around, drive back out to the HS and pick up PG while dropping off Little Man for his 10:30 am tennis lessons. Quickly turn around and head back to the golf course to pick up Sweetums. If it is Tuesday or Thursday, drive over to horse riding lessons and drop off the girls- 10:15. Speed to pick up LM at tennis. Head back out to the horse stables and wait to 15 minutes for the girls. Drive home and drop off PG and LM. Head back into town and drop off Sweetums for 12:00 cooking class. Head home and make lunch for two STARVING kids. Finally stay home for a whopping 1 hour then drive back in to pick up Sweetums. Land at home at 2:15pm.

Add church youth activities and LM's baseball at night and you have one tired mommy! LM also has baseball practices Saturday mornings at 8:00am and I bought season tickets to the little play house about 45 minutes away with three plays to attend this summer. LM will start swimming lessons next month. But golf and cooking will be over by then and PG will start up private tennis lessons only twice weekly instead of everyday.

For some reason I remember summer being lazy and kick back when I was young.

Monday, May 14, 2012

family secrets

For Mother's Day Little Man drew a picture of me with a lovely caption. I guess the family Secret is out:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kid Talk

I have volunteered in Little Man's classroom every Tuesday this school year. He came home from school yesterday a bit sad. When questioned he said, "This next Tuesday is the last one of the school year. I am going to miss you."

Me: Head tilt and furrowed brow, "Ummmmmm Little Man, you will be home with me everyday when school gets out." 

LM: Perking right up,  "OH YA!"

Friday, May 4, 2012


My Undercover name will forever be blown with this post. I see no other way around it... Ho Hum.

I hate to journal. I have heard about how important it is my entire life. I have tried starting and keeping a journal several times. I have quit several times. I hate it. However, with both my parents deceased, I fervently wish both of them had kept journals. So I decided to at least write one--encompass all-- journal entry for posterity sake. So that when I am gone, none of my offspring can curse me.
I feel your joy and excitement oozing from the screen....

My full name is Jackie Nebeker KIR
I have hated it my whole life for two specific reasons:
1)The question, "Is your name Jacqueline or just Jackie?"  With the answer being, just Jackie, many a jokster called me "just jackie"- Oh hahahahaha.
2) My fathers birth name was not Nebeker. It was Toniolli. His father was full Italian. I LOVE that fact. My dad changed his name to his step-dads name for his mother when he was 18 because she hated her ex-husband. Mr. Nebeker never adopted my dad and they were not close so I feel a bit of resentment for this name change. I was going to change it back to Toniolli when I was a teenager, but my dad asked me not to out of respect for his mom. I have always regretted this.
I was born in Salt Lake City Utah. It was actually a small subsidiary of SLC but I can never remember the name of it. However, I grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho (Ammon, Id, really). It was a great place to grow up.

My family was in an airplane accident when I was 8 and my mother died on impact. My dad remarried 6 months later to my first yucky step mother. I am sure she is a lovely lady--but I did not see that side of her--ever. They were married for 10 long and painful years.

I was a funny child and loved to laugh and joke. I am a more serious adult and have wondered where my funny went. I would like to find it again somehow. I have one older sister, Jan and one younger brother, Paul Jay. I love them both immensely and call them OFTEN!

I graduated from Bonneville High School in Idaho Falls, and went on to Ricks College (BYU Idaho) in Rexburg, Id, that next fall. I had not planned on going there. In fact I had taken a job as a nanny for some family in Connecticut, but two weeks before I was supposed to go and school started, I just knew it was not the right decision. I quickly made other plans and went to school. Have never regretted this!

I attended BYU Hawaii the last semester of my Sophomore year and LOVED it. I came home and transferred to Weber State University so I could live with my sister in Ogden, Utah. I went for one semester and HATED it with all the hate I had in me and decided to serve a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I left for the MTC two days after I turned 21. I served 18 months in the Washington D.C. North mission,  as a visitor center sister. Which meant I served half the day in the Visitors Center and half the day in an assigned teaching area daily. A great experience. I did keep journals of that time.

When I came home I fully planned on returning to BYU-H but felt as though it was not the right choice-so I transferred to Utah State University- sight unseen. I went for one semester before summer was out.

That summer I worked at the last resort before you hit the North side of the Grand Canyon, called Jacob Lake, with my cousin Troy and several other college students. It was AWESOME! So much fun. While there I made several friends from both BYU and Utah State. One of said friends set me up on a blind date with his friend the weekend school started again in the fall. The date was with Mr. KIR himself. We were married that next summer. Oh what joy and bliss.

We lived in Utah for one year before moving out to Illinois where his family is from. He promised me and my dad that we would only be out here for 5 years. We have been here for 15 years.

I am the mother of three of the best kids around.

I love chocolate and candy. I eat it constantly. It is regularly breakfast and lunch.
I do not have a favorite color as I love many! I especially love yellow, purple, pink, green, blue and orange.
I love to read.
I love to play tennis but don't do it very often anymore.
I love to organize and will organize to relax.
I hate to be cold and would live in Hawaii if Mr. KIR would move there with me.
I love Mexican food. Oh chips and salsa, you are my friend.
I love chef salads with blue cheese dressing.
I learned sign language on my mission and minored in it in college and have no one to practice with and have lost most of my ASL knowledge. This makes me sad.
I wish I knew how to play the piano and sing.
I love to sew and do crafts.
I love to paint--not masterpieces, but walls and furniture. Oh so much fun!
I love to play games but HATE monopoly.
I love cats but do not have one as MR. KIR does not like smelly litter boxes. grrrrr
I love horses but have no horse sense whatsoever.
I love raspberries and fresh pineapple.
I love bacon and will eat an entire package if no one is around to make me share.
I am afraid of deep water that I cannot see in.
I am afraid of scary movies and DO NOT like to be scared.
I love to build Lego creations.
I love pedicures and messages and wish I could get them done on a regular basis.
My favorite movies are The Blind Side and Pride and Prejudice.
I hate country music. It gives me a headache within ten seconds of it entering my eardrums. This causes much frustration to my oldest child.
I suffer from seasonal allergies.
I have depression and have been on medication for years. I hate this fact but am oh so grateful for medication.
I love to shop! However I rarely do this as "no money honey"
I love to travel and get so excited to go new places. This is also a rarity.
I love the look of long hair, but hate the feeling of wet hair on my back and so always keep my hair short.
I hate exercise. Well, loath is probably a better term.
I enjoy crocheting.
I love to spend time with Mr. KIR. He is wonderful and hope with all my hopes that my children are as fortunate as I.
I love the Savior.
My girlfriends are so important to me and keep me sane (well, them and medication-HA) and I need friendship in my life.
I talk--a lot.
I am 5'3" tall
I weigh (did you really think I was going to admit this fact? Let's just say I'm a healthy weight for my height and leave it at that.)
I have blue green eyes and wear contacts/glasses.
I love Diet Cherry Pepsi with lime juice.
I love to garage sale and antique shop.
I used to teach parenting classes to teen moms, parents who had lost their children to the court system and parent forums in the school district. I loved it! I did all the prep work at home and could take my kids with me when I taught the classes. This is one of the only reasons I took the job.
I am not a big cookie fan, but I love cookie dough.

Phew.That's it. Peace Out.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweetums: "Little Man, pick a number: 1, 12, 6 , 3, or  8."

Little Man: " Mmm, 9."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Quote

My kids are ever conscious of money and the value of it. For example, while getting out of the car at one of the MANY over priced amusements we did while on vacation, Sweetums found a penny. She got all excited, picked it up, and stared at it for a few seconds. She then quickly walked over to me, handed me the lowly penny and stated, "Mom, I found this, but I'm giving it to you because you paid for this awesome trip."

Thursday, March 8, 2012


~Something funky is going on with my blogger right now. Not only is it about ready to drive me up a wall, but it also won't let me make these letters readable. So just click on each of the below letters individually and they will pop up in full readable for. ~

Sweetums LOVES to go to the school nurse. Unbeknownst to me, a few weeks ago, she went three and four times A DAY.  A DAY--UGH! When the nurse finally called me to let me know, I was not the concerned mother the nurse probably expected me to be. I was mortified and very apologetic!

When Sweetums got home, I asked her about the situation and guess what folks--every time you go to the nurse you get a mint. Ahahahahahaha

I then informed little miss "I am so sick I think a mint is needed" that her little butt had better not step foot in the nurses office again unless she was on deaths door--or at the very least bleeding profusely!!

So yesterday I just had to laugh when she got home handed me this note:

Then this morning in her backpack I found this treasure of a paper she wrote at school:

EEE GADS! Did her teacher read that?

Just for the record though, I DID NOT KNOW she was running low on underwear, nor that she was wearing her sisters underwear. (teehee, I wonder if her sister knows teehee) BUT I do remember her asking if we could buy her underwear in Hawaii and I DID tell her yes. Why did I not ask her why she wanted to buy underwear in Hawaii you ask...well, frankly, I do not know.

AND if you will all remember correctly feeling as though one was going to barf was NOT a reason to attend the nurse...looks like the rules will need to be explained once again.

And why would anyone want to know what a broken bone feels like? Sounds like one of those things a mother should inquire about but I probably won't.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cleaning Up

I, being the ever conscious mother, started cleaning up the toys around the toy store we currently live in. I got a HUGE thrashing for cleaning this little ditty up:

Know why? 
~BECAUSE MOM, It is my house - and it is on FIRE - and I have to get the fire truck and helicopter to save it! 
(said with all the "duh mom" a 6 year old little boy can muster!)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Problem...WHAT? Noooo...

Mr. KIR thinks I have a problem. Whaaaa?   I mean really, just because I wait all day long for my kindergartener to come home so I have a reason to do this, or because I spend hours scouring ebay, for deals, specific parts and pieces, and because sometimes you will find me working on these with no children helping, near, or even home for that matter, or because sometimes I take them to bed with me to work on until I fall asleep, is NO reason to call my Lego addiction a problem.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little Man-isms

Scene: 6:45am Sunday morning. Me: snuggly wuggly in bed. Mr. KIR: Gone

Little Man: JUMPING on MY bed and yapping: "Mom, can you come make me some breakfast RIGHT NOW and can I watch some Pinkpanther?"

 Me: One eye opens slightly, "Hmmm? No, um, yes, no, um, I mean, yes, I will make you some like 30 minutes, and No you may not watch Pinkpanther. Today is Sunday. You may watch veggie tales or nest videos or church whatevers, or better yet, GO BACK TO BED."
Little Man:Jumping, yelling  and now hitting, "NOOOOOOOO. I hate Sunday...and Jesus... and Heavenly Father...and...and...AND SANTA!"

"and Mom, Dad says I have to bury my testimony, but I am NOT going to."