Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little Man-isms

Scene: 6:45am Sunday morning. Me: snuggly wuggly in bed. Mr. KIR: Gone

Little Man: JUMPING on MY bed and yapping: "Mom, can you come make me some breakfast RIGHT NOW and can I watch some Pinkpanther?"

 Me: One eye opens slightly, "Hmmm? No, um, yes, no, um, I mean, yes, I will make you some like 30 minutes, and No you may not watch Pinkpanther. Today is Sunday. You may watch veggie tales or nest videos or church whatevers, or better yet, GO BACK TO BED."
Little Man:Jumping, yelling  and now hitting, "NOOOOOOOO. I hate Sunday...and Jesus... and Heavenly Father...and...and...AND SANTA!"

"and Mom, Dad says I have to bury my testimony, but I am NOT going to."