Thursday, March 8, 2012


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Sweetums LOVES to go to the school nurse. Unbeknownst to me, a few weeks ago, she went three and four times A DAY.  A DAY--UGH! When the nurse finally called me to let me know, I was not the concerned mother the nurse probably expected me to be. I was mortified and very apologetic!

When Sweetums got home, I asked her about the situation and guess what folks--every time you go to the nurse you get a mint. Ahahahahahaha

I then informed little miss "I am so sick I think a mint is needed" that her little butt had better not step foot in the nurses office again unless she was on deaths door--or at the very least bleeding profusely!!

So yesterday I just had to laugh when she got home handed me this note:

Then this morning in her backpack I found this treasure of a paper she wrote at school:

EEE GADS! Did her teacher read that?

Just for the record though, I DID NOT KNOW she was running low on underwear, nor that she was wearing her sisters underwear. (teehee, I wonder if her sister knows teehee) BUT I do remember her asking if we could buy her underwear in Hawaii and I DID tell her yes. Why did I not ask her why she wanted to buy underwear in Hawaii you ask...well, frankly, I do not know.

AND if you will all remember correctly feeling as though one was going to barf was NOT a reason to attend the nurse...looks like the rules will need to be explained once again.

And why would anyone want to know what a broken bone feels like? Sounds like one of those things a mother should inquire about but I probably won't.