Tuesday, June 19, 2012

kid talk

We watched the Cubs vs Red Sox game this weekend. Nobody was hitting anything. They did not play well and lost. Little Man who is in his first year of  Rookie League said to me today as we talked about his last baseball game, "Mom, you should call the Cubs and have them come watch our team. They could really learn a lot from us."

True Little Man, true!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This summer has been CrAzY busy! Although the kids are having a great time. I feel as though I live in our non-luxurious car. UGH!

8:15 leave the house and drive into town to the high school. Drop off Pony Girl for tennis.
Leave immediately and drive back out past our house and on to the golf course. Drop off Sweetums for 9:00 am golf. Watch for 5 or so minutes. Turn around, drive back out to the HS and pick up PG while dropping off Little Man for his 10:30 am tennis lessons. Quickly turn around and head back to the golf course to pick up Sweetums. If it is Tuesday or Thursday, drive over to horse riding lessons and drop off the girls- 10:15. Speed to pick up LM at tennis. Head back out to the horse stables and wait to 15 minutes for the girls. Drive home and drop off PG and LM. Head back into town and drop off Sweetums for 12:00 cooking class. Head home and make lunch for two STARVING kids. Finally stay home for a whopping 1 hour then drive back in to pick up Sweetums. Land at home at 2:15pm.

Add church youth activities and LM's baseball at night and you have one tired mommy! LM also has baseball practices Saturday mornings at 8:00am and I bought season tickets to the little play house about 45 minutes away with three plays to attend this summer. LM will start swimming lessons next month. But golf and cooking will be over by then and PG will start up private tennis lessons only twice weekly instead of everyday.

For some reason I remember summer being lazy and kick back when I was young.