Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pony Girl has been very lucky to have a great group of friends since first grade. One of the mommy's of the girls is an amazing photographer and has taken pictures of the girls every year since 2nd grade. This years pictures made me proud and also kind of sad. They are too beautiful, too grown up, too independent. They are all amazing and unique. Time goes so fast...too fast! In my mind and heart they are still so little, so innocent and young. I truly love them all!



One of the KIR kiddos lost a tooth yesterday. The lame-o tooth fairy that is assigned to our house did not come. Is it bad that I may have blamed the hurricane for said absence?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mr. KIR recently suggested McDonald's for dinner. The kiddos readily agreed. I respectfully declined. However, my little Sweetums just could not fathom that I really meant to actually miss the extraordinary meal, and I found this waiting for me the next morning for breakfast:
 She is ever our thoughtful one and always so giving! I love her so very much!