Tuesday, March 5, 2013

For Christmas break we went to visit my family all the way out west.

 Little Man fell on Christmas Eve and said his eye hurt. Mr. KIR and I being the good parents we are, simply told him he was fine and sent him to bed with a cold clothe over top of it. (unbeknownst to us until Christmas morning, he woke up in the middle of the night and his sweet cousin Clarabell took care of him--so wonderful)

Christmas morning he woke up with a swollen eye, still refusing to open it and would not let any of us take a look or touch it. Again being the ever good parents, we ask our local family vet (my brother) to take a look- cause you know- why pay a human doctor when you have a dog one? He said he would be willing to look at it as an Uncle who has a bit of medical knowledge...but he and Mr KIR thought maybe we should actually go to the human doctor. Okay  okay. Plus, I was worried. So on Christmas morning we went to the Emergency Room. It was crazy busy but thankfully we were escorted back fairly quickly as they take eye injuries serious! The doctor was so gentle and patient with our scared little one. Little Man had indeed hurt his eye--seriously and they ran all sorts of test to make sure he did not do any permanent damage. He had not, MOSTLY because he would not open it or let anyone touch or look at it. Turns out Little man had punctured a small hole, bruised it pretty badly, had a piece of wood rolling around and a splinter that would have most definitely scratched his cornea or whatever and could have done serious permanent damage. PHEW!
Thank goodness Doc was a professional.