Sunday, May 19, 2013

You know what, thanks to friends and family and the fact that I ended up figuring out the perfect gift for Mr. KIR, this birthday was the best ever!!!  Phew! Now, what to get him for Fathers Day...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I hate my birthday! WHY you ask? Because I share the day with Mr. KIR and I never know what to get him. He never gives me a list or any hints, and when asked replies with, "Nothing." UGH! He has hobbies, but hasn't been able to enjoy any of them since we moved to the lovely state we live in 15 years ago, so hobby gifts-- OUT. He collects nothing (thank the heavens above for that) those gifts--OUT. He still hasn't worn some of the clothes he got for Christmas--clothes gifts OUT. He doesn't like to read, rarely watches TV, has all the music he wants--all those ideas --OUT. He never spends the gift cards he gets and I end up using them for the kids--that idea OUT. He hates to playing games. He hates electronics and would like to (and threatens to) throw away all the ones we have. I've gotten him bullets before so he can go out and shoot his guns, but he won't use them because, "They are expensive and if I use them I won't have any." UHHHH, that is the point dingly dude.

Ergo my upcoming PaRtY day becomes a chore and the closer it gets, the bigger my headache gets!

Thank Goodness my mother-in-law has baked our cake for the last few years or I would really be in a twiddle!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I have been so busy lately, I am one tired lady! Nothing really going on that is all that noteworthy, but I feel as though a post is in order. So today, you get the ramblings of my brain.
The chickens are growing and are no longer my cute little babies. I got tired of being pooped on and no longer hold them...ever. We do have one rooster and he is a hoot. I adore him. I will also happily admit that I love the little hen ladies and can't wait for their house to be finished. Mr. KIR is working on it whenever it isn't raining. I picked our the cutest little roost and am excited to see them in it.

I have been working as the "Paintress" as they have nicknamed me at a furniture resale shop. I fix up and paint old furniture for them. I LoVe it.

I cut my hair off. SHORT. I just got tired of having paint in it all the time and to be honest, I have hated doing my hair forever. I have secretly been jealous of boy cuts for year. So far, I am not digging the lockless feel, but have not minded hairless look as much as I thought I would. I do feel like a little old lady though. We shall see if I cut it again or just grow it out.

Broke a toe on my left foot last week and then hobbled around until I broke two on my right foot a few days later. Smooooth.

Mr. KIR finally broke me down and we bought a new car. An is one sweet ride. Tricked out to the gills.  AND of course I wrecked it within the first 3 weeks. NiCe.
That's it..nothing more...peace out.