Thursday, May 2, 2013

I have been so busy lately, I am one tired lady! Nothing really going on that is all that noteworthy, but I feel as though a post is in order. So today, you get the ramblings of my brain.
The chickens are growing and are no longer my cute little babies. I got tired of being pooped on and no longer hold them...ever. We do have one rooster and he is a hoot. I adore him. I will also happily admit that I love the little hen ladies and can't wait for their house to be finished. Mr. KIR is working on it whenever it isn't raining. I picked our the cutest little roost and am excited to see them in it.

I have been working as the "Paintress" as they have nicknamed me at a furniture resale shop. I fix up and paint old furniture for them. I LoVe it.

I cut my hair off. SHORT. I just got tired of having paint in it all the time and to be honest, I have hated doing my hair forever. I have secretly been jealous of boy cuts for year. So far, I am not digging the lockless feel, but have not minded hairless look as much as I thought I would. I do feel like a little old lady though. We shall see if I cut it again or just grow it out.

Broke a toe on my left foot last week and then hobbled around until I broke two on my right foot a few days later. Smooooth.

Mr. KIR finally broke me down and we bought a new car. An is one sweet ride. Tricked out to the gills.  AND of course I wrecked it within the first 3 weeks. NiCe.
That's it..nothing more...peace out.

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